Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm a sucker for ideas on how to lose weight. I've bought almost ever work out equipment to have it just sit there because I'm not into, but I can work out at the gym and have a different attitude about it LOL

I watched the Rachel Ray talk show that I had taped today and they had, The Carb Lovers Diet, on her show and had a woman who tried it out for 6 months. She wasn't that heavy to begin with but you could see a difference and she had lost 40lbs. If I can only lose that much, I would be excited.

I was thinking to my self, 6 months isn't a long time, I could eat like that and still continue to work out at the gym and swim like I have been. I've already seen a difference in the inches on my body and losing some weight so how could this hurt?

I went to and ordered up my copy of the diet book and will start as soon as it arrives. I will probably stalk the UPS man the day it arrives since he delivers to my office before my house LOL

I'll be making a monthly blog of my 6 month journey to see how it goes. I have to have a bikini beach body by June 2012 because our whole family is having a vacation in Puerto Vallarta so I must be ready. I'm giving my self plenty of time to get in shape.

Stay tuned