Saturday, September 17, 2011

Portobello Pizza

My husband and two sons are pizza-aholics BIG TIME.. They eat it so often that if I ate it with them, I would be 200 lbs heavier then I am now.

My husband and I  were sitting here wondering where we should go to dinner. After thinking about where we should go and just how expensive it would be, we decided to just stay in and make our own family dinner and that way we would have left overs.

So we headed to the store. Guess what they chose to make, yep, Pizza!!! WHAT?? Are you kidding me? How about something low carb so mom can have something with ya'll?

So as we were strolling the produce isle for the veggie toppings I found the portobello mushrooms were on sale so I snagged one for my pizza crust.

As we were looking for the sauce, I noticed the carb count was very high, around 6g per serving ouch!!! Ding, the light bulb above my head went on, duh Stace use salsa!!! So I turned my big booty around and there was three rows of salsa to chose from. So many, but I did take the time to look at the carb count and found one that was 2g per serving so I grabbed it.

As the boys were making a HUGE mess in my kitchen, I was in my corner making my pretty little pizza. I was so excited I totally forgot to take pictures :(  I borrowed a photo of what it looked like from My pizza looked just like this.

I made it in this order:

1 portobello mushroom (clean out the blackish web from underneath the shroom & cut off the stem)
2 T. salsa or enough to just cover the mushroom just as you would a pizza
1/4 cup shredded mozzerella cheese
2 slices hard salami

I placed it right on the oven rack and baked it at 380 until golden brown and bubbly. I would say about 20 minutes

Feel free to add more toppings if you like.
The mushroom itself was 5g of carbs and the salsa was 3g Carbs for a total of 8 Carbs not bad.

I'm totally stuffed as well.

The boys are eating like 4 or more pieces of pizza and I don't have to eat more hahahahaha sucka's

Try it, you'll love it.

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Dawn said...

I love the salsa idea!! I also have been know to make white pizza with alfredo sauce. yum!