Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dusting off my blog

It has been such a long time since I've updated my blog and when I look back at the recipes I would post, it makes me realize how far I have come.

I didn't know then, how many delish recipes for low carbers that were out there.

I've purchased a few cookbooks, saved a gazillion blogs and websites that offer amazing low carb recipes.

I'm now being faced with having to have my Gallbladder out, which is no biggy to me.

I feel that it will make me be more aware of what is going into my body because if it's bad, my body is sure going to tell me, now that my gallbladder will be removed. Well so I've read on some blogs but each body is different.

This will give me a fresh start. I'm going to do this for my self. I'm going to eat real food, real clean food. Why dirty my body with dirty food full of chemicals?

I see how sad my youngest son is knowing I'm going in for surgery. I keep telling him that it isn't anything big and I'll be fine but the fear is still there that he might not have a mommy.

Why would I treat my body with bad food to maybe lesson the time I have with my children family and friends,?

So this day forward, it's all clean eating machine :)

Stay tuned, I'll be posting delish recipes your whole family will love.

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