Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Tonight is our family dinner night at my mother and father in laws house. My husbands sister, husband and two sons also attend.
My inlaws use to cook weight watcher recipes but lately they have not been so weight watcher friendly.
I usually end up with a plate full of salad and I'm hungry as soon as we get home. :(
I love having the family time so it really doesn't matter if I'm eating what they are or not.

Since my youngest son was not feeling so hot tonight, I decided to stay home with him while my older son and husband went for dinner.

It's the end of the pay period so that just means my cupboards are bare at the moment until payday.
Every payday I do a grocery shopping trip for 14 days worth of meals and if I didn't get enough, we are pretty much out of luck for a few days LOL.

This week that was just about right... Tomorrow is pay day so that makes me happy.

My son loves eating low carb. He wanted me to make something off the top of my head.

I took out the 1 bag of frozen cauliflower and nuked it till it was thawed.

I placed the cauliflower in my Ninja and pulsed it till it looked like rice.
I placed the riced veggie into a large bowl.

I seasoned it with some garlic powder, garlic salt, pepper etc. Anything you like will do.

I fried up some bacon and crumbled that into the bowl with the C.flower as well.

I took about 4 T. of organic butter and mixed it into a mixture.

I had some small dishes for a single serving and a large one for my lunch tomorrow.

I stuffed the bowls and topped with grated Swiss cheese.

I placed it into the oven at 350 degrees just until the cheese was golden brown and bubbly.

We couldn't wait till it cooled off just a bit and dug right in. Of course we burnt our mouth but it was so worth it.

I have no idea how many net carbs are in this but I really didn't care at this point of the day.

Tomorrow is a new day. Time to get my binder out, pad of paper and pen. We are going to surf the net and find great low carb breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas to make the next two weeks a breeze at staying on our low carb eating habit.

Happy Hump Day everyone
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